Which Is Cleaner And Greener SUV? Toyota RAV4 Prime Or Tesla Model Y

When comparing the environmental impact of the Toyota RAV4 Prime and the Tesla Model Y, several factors should be considered.

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), meaning it has an electric motor and a gasoline engine.  

While it offers electric driving capabilities, its overall environmental impact is influenced by its reliance on fossil fuels during gasoline-powered operation.  

On the other hand, the Tesla Model Y is a fully electric vehicle (EV) and produces zero tailpipe emissions.

The Model Y's environmental impact depends on the electricity source used for charging.  

If the electricity comes from renewable sources, such as solar or wind, the Model Y can be considered cleaner and greener.  

Furthermore, Genesis' reputation for exceptional customer service could be a distinguishing factor, offering a more personalized ownership experience.